Better in every way

Nissan Accessories help you personalise and style
your Qashqai, make it even more comfortable or
even more capable. Customise your Nissan Qashqai
with the chrome Exterior Elegance pack, protect
your trunk from dirt, mud and water or add a towbar
to go to exciting family adventure. And if you need
to carry bikes, skis, snowboards or just more stuff,
our racks, boxes and other load carriers are specially
designed to fit the bill smartly, safely and durably.

Do it all with style

Exterior styling pack

Nissan New QQ front and rear packshots

Elegance pack

Enhance the styling of your Nissan Qashqai by
adding a front/rear and side finisher available in
bright chrome color.

Nissan New QQ front finisher

Front Finisher

Call attention to Qashqai's bold front.

Side finisher

Helps accentuate Qashqai's shape.

Nissan New QQ side finisher
Nissan New QQ rear finisher

Rear finisher

The perfect finishing touch to Qashqai's design.