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Nissan Models affected by the Takata Recall

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We have noticed that you are one of the few people affected by the Takata recall.

Please take your (car model) to your nearest dealer today and we'll carry out the necessary replacement at no cost to you.


Good news! Your car is not one of the affected models. For any questions or queries you may have, please feel free to contact Nissan Customer Care.

Please contact *0800 NISSAN (647726) for more information on Voluntary Recall Campaign.

For owners of Nissan vehicles produced at the times stated below:

Model Product Code Production Year
Navara (CBU Model) D40 Jan 2007 - Dec 2014
Grand Livina L10 Apr 2007 - Nov 2013
Livina L10 Apr 2007 - Nov 2013
Micra K13 Aug 2006 - Aug 2009
Tiida C11 Apr 2006 - Sept 2013
X-Trail T30 Sept 2003 - Dec 2008
Almera N16 Nov 2004 - Oct 2006
Patrol Y61 Apr 2002 - Sept 2002
NP300 D22 Apr 2002 - Sept 2002
Tiida C11 Apr 2006 - Sept 2013